As scholars and other professionals based in western institutions, we act to help protect vulnerable cultural heritage in the Holy City of Jerusalem.  Community efforts to protect cultural heritage are all too often undertaken in the face of political and other pressures that are contrary to principles and provisions of applicable international law.

Recognizing our comparative advantage as internationally engaged professionals in diverse fields, we propose to assemble a group of international cultural heritage experts and scholars to support local community efforts to protect, conserve, restore or carefully develop physical and non-physical aspects of vulnerable cultural heritage in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Our ARCH outreach consists of monitoring specific community heritage projects upon request. When needed and in consultation with the community, we lend our expertise and mobilize our extensive networks to provide additional technical assessment, to speak publicly and advocate for a cultural heritage project as well as to engage in quiet diplomacy, as the particular case warrants.

A Risk Management approach on the ground ensures that potential obstacles are identified and avoided to the degree possible.  On occasion direct action will be necessary.  It will be undertaken with due caution and in good faith and based on international law and full information.